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October 7, 2012
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Adoptable Lustre RP Unicorns - WINNERS by orengel Adoptable Lustre RP Unicorns - WINNERS by orengel

1 - won by ~Borderline-Stables

Name: Feliks
Age: 20
Breed: Monolustre Unicorn
Gender: Male, stallion.
Colour: Silver black sabino.
Magic Colour: White [Pure of heart, graceful.]
Personality: Feliks is innocent, and almost oblivious to hatred. He either knows nothing about arguing or refuses to hear about it, and doesn't dislike anyone or anything. He believes everything happens for a reason, and has a pretty cheerful life because of it. He is gentle and kind, when the war broke out he tried all he could to try and stop the horrors from happening.
Status: Wild refugee.
History/Back story: Feliks was raised carefully by his parents, and was one of Nat's good friends during her foal hood. No matter what she did he stuck by her, in his own little kind way. This made him quite thick- skinned to insults meant for him, and he saw that as something that was a success. Just before the war he had left to the human realm, slightly concerned about the heat going on in Sanqtauri and waited it out. Once he got word of the war, he tried all he could to help those who needed to leave. He he'd heard his parents were killed not soon after, and mourned for a while. Seeing as though his parents and Nat's parents were close friends, he thought them and still thinks that Nat herself is dead.

2 - Won by *hillsveiwrider123

Name: Anarchy
Age: 6
Breed: Monolustre Unicorn
Gender: Male, stallion.
Colour: Uniform grey on bay dun.
Magic Colour: Brown [Durability, able to endure all sorts of trials.]
Personality: Arch is a very strong and healthy young stallion. He is clever and uses his Witt and magic to win a fight not his speed or strength. He has horrible social skills when it comes to mares but can get along with most stallions. He shows extreme pride in being a unicorn (especialy that he is a monolustre) and having lived in Sanqtauri.
Status: Previously a Sanqtauri resident. he now acts as a bounty hunter and tracks down the other refugees who abandoned there country in a time of need
Status: Sanqtauri resident, on a mission outside.
History/Back story: Arch and his family fought long and hard through out the war in Sanqtauri and became known as reputable soldiers and fighters. Now that things have since calmed down some of the horses in the stallions herd including himself yearn for the familiar confrontation in battle. So he was hand chosen to leave his home land and hunt down refugees.

3 - Won by *TheThievingMagpie

Name: Atlas
Age: 21 (Human years)
Breed: Multilustre Unicorn
Gender: Male, stallion.
Colour: Apricot dun w/ minimal splash.
Magic Colour: Orange & teal [Motivator, instills cheer in others & Tenacious, will never give up.]
Personality: Atlas is a generally friendly and outgoing young stallion, if prone to bouts of depression. However, he has a type of synesthesia known as Chromesthesia- seeing colors/images whenever he hears sounds (This may be a result of his spectral heritage). Many other unicorns become frightened of him due to the seemingly nonsensical things he says. He's often become the scapegoat of monolustre and spectral unicorns' cruel jokes alike, and despite his kind personality, has virtually no friends. He loves strongly and, more often than not, unrequitedly, focusing his obsessions on any horse who sounds like a particularly beautiful color.
Status: Sanqtauri resident.
History/Back story: His family died in a tsunami which was a result of the war- and the huge increase in the use of water magic- taking place in Sanqtauri. He only survived due to the fact that his herd's taunting drove him away from the shoreline his herd occupied. While others may have held a grudge against the herd members, Atlas, always forgiving, viewed their cruelty as what saved his life, and regrets every day of his life that they died. Now he roams the war torn land of Sanqtauri, and despite the heavy sadness he feels himself, he tries to find other refugees and give them hope in restoring the kingdom.
Other: He's asexual, which breaks any relationships he may have because mares perceive his lack of sexual attraction as disinterest, even if he loves them very strongly romantically.
Accessories: He often has remnants from his beach home around him. He usually keeps shells woven into his hair and a shark tooth necklace wrapped around his neck or one of his ankles.

4 - won by *hillsveiwrider123

Name: Pandora
Age: 19
Breed: Monolustre Unicorn
Gender: Female, mare.
Colour: Dark sooty cherry bay.
Magic Colour: Purple [Protective, defensive.]
Personality: Pandora is a bold little mare. She is very protective of her self and is never quick to trust. The horrors of the war in her home land have damaged her mentally and physically. She no longer belives in the unspoken rule to not speak your mind. and longs for social interaction
Status: Refugee.
History/Back story: During the war Panda and her family fought long and hard trying to protect the royal family. During that time Pandora was taught how to survive on her own. She learned to fight and became a wonderful and trusted guardian of the royals. As time went on though, many of her fellow guards lost their lives and their numbers dwindled. In a final attempt to save what was left of the royal unicorn family by attempting to sneak them out of sanqtauri. When they got to the borders of the once peaceful land Panda got split from the remaining royals and had no other choice then to flee without them. She constantly wonders if any of the remaining royal family is still alive and hopes that Sanqtauri can one day return to its former glory.

To Adopt:

Simply fill out the bio of the unicorn of your choice and post it below. The best bio/concept will win the unicorn <3

NOTE: These unicorns are to be used on the Sanqtauri RP site, though they can also double up in your ARPG stables if you like <3

I also highly suggest you read this [link] before writing out your bio, as it will give you BG info on the unicorns :D
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Borderline-Stables Featured By Owner Oct 23, 2012   Traditional Artist
You should have told me I won him! ^^ thanks a bunch :heart:
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Borderline-Stables Featured By Owner Oct 25, 2012   Traditional Artist
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Ohnoes! I lost! D:
TheThievingMagpie Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2012
Oooh, I'm so excited! :la: Thanks, luvie. <3 I can't wait to begin RPing my boy.
orengel Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Awesome, have fun with him :D
ANIMALGIRL1869 Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2012
oh woohoo Congrats to all the winners :D
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omg yay! i got the grey! thanks oren!
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Gorgeous designs. <3

And it reminds me, I need to try and rp on the site. o.o I have a character up and ready for it xD
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